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Ordinary member

You embed a sustainability model in your work and in your life and generate wellbeing for yourself and for others

Private person € 15.00

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Professionals and business € 150

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  • Improve your skills about valuing products/services which respond to wellbeing
  • Network with LICET members in order to share your opinions and take part to improvement
  • Take advantage of Aregai partnerships

Tools you can use:

  • Transparency paper
  • LICET common language
  • Access to survey measuring the sustainability perception by members

Model Section

You communicate your being sustainable by a label which expresses your actions at 360°

+ € 300 (plus the ordinary membership quote) for total € 450.00

… more than ordinary member benefits

  • Communicate your sustainability without talking about it, but by your actions, examples, skills and choices
  • Be aware of your resources (material/immaterial) with a vision at 360°
  • Adopt a simplified accounting model, in line with norms and laws (green purchase, sustainable financial accounting)

Tools you can use:

  • Handbook to elaborate your plan of growth
  • Exchange of your good practices with other members

Trademark Section

You plan your grownth and schowcase benefits in time; activate a pro-active network

+ € 500 (plus the ordinary membership quote) for total € 650

… More than the ordinary member

  • Analise your project in detali, in order to point out critical issues before it ends
  • Involve your community, your stakeholder in your project; listen to different points of
  • Get the LICET® Trademark, in compliance with the set of rules aligned to your reality
  • Create a motivated coalition, in order to cooperate for a shared responsibility
  • Give value to your merit, by communicating your growth plan for yourself and for others involved

Tools you can use

  • Regulation and disciplinary of LICET® trademark
  • Use of LICET® trademark
  • Monitor of feedbacks from involved actors
  • Taylor made plan for communication and promotion