What’s LICET?

LICET® is a logical-conceptual model promoting fair and sustainable development that can be implemented by people and companies (public and private) willing to be activate promoter of the well-being for themselves, others and the territory.

LICET® was registered in 2009 as a collective – collaborative brand managed by AREGAI in accordance with the Regulations and technical specifications. Developed 100% in Italy after a confrontation with European, Chinese, American and Australian delegations, it is composed of 5 values divided into 38 sustainability criteria (in addition to the classic values of the environment, economy and society, there are also those concerning territorial culture and innovation / creativity).

The 5 values are:

  • L – LINK WITH THE TERRITORY: Imprint the identity of the place. No standardization!
  • I – INNOVATION AND IMPROVEMENT: Regulating the rhythms of innovation. No stagnation!
  • C – COMPETITIVENESS AND FAIRNESS: Creating shared wealth. No speculation!
  • E – ECO-SUSTAINABILITY: Do not waste and do it in an ecological way. No pollution!
  • T – TAKING CARE OF THE PEOPLE: Personalize and be attentive to different needs. No social degradation!


  • It enhances merit, measuring sustainability and helping to communicate it without mentioning sustainability directly, but demonstrating by presenting your efforts more clearly (with the SMART LABEL) and by supporting the ability collaborate, by making good use of collective intelligence’s solutions (with the collective brand).

  • The participatory evaluation system activates all parties in the life cycle of your project / product / service (self-evaluation – technical evaluation – evaluation of the perceived value), strengthening trust and credibility.


Conceptual logical model

composed by:




Evaluation / management system:

3 type of EVALUATION
Self-evaluation, technical and participatory

Share, Measure, Communicate, Grow


Transparency Card


Participatory sustainable design method



INCOMES: With LICET® you can use sustainability as a strategic lever, to reduce costs and waste, focusing on the needs of your stakeholders to meet their demands, identify new business opportunities and improve products and services for retaining customers.
CREDIBILITY: With LICET® you have a transparent communication system enhancing the ability to satisfy your customers’ requests, while listening to the feedback of existing and potential customers to continuously improve and anticipate trends.
RESOURCES: Thanks to a better vision over the entire life cycle of the product / service, you can optimize your performance; while carefully manage your assets, including the skills and creativity of your staff, allowing for the smooth management of the risks and emergencies, transforming them in new possibilities for improvement.
A transparent organization has a direct line with people, knows its audiences’ needs and knows how to satisfy them.
We strengthen the reputation of the directors who, with a long-term vision, are committed to enhancing the territory by promoting the informed choices of citizens, facilitating the participation of sustainable organizations.
STRUCTURE: To face complex problems, such as management of environmental impact, safety, health, education, tourism, you can count on communication tools and participatory evaluation that facilitate the systemic management of the different aspects and actors working on the territory. You can also elaborate better tender specifications with specific criteria for purchasing, selecting and monitoring sustainable suppliers.
REPUTATION: To communicate in a transparent way and displaying results, as agreed and planned with stakeholders (e.g. with the municipal staff and with the various economic and social actors in the area). You can also count on the instrumental and methodological support that facilitates the involvement and collaboration of interested parties to respond to mandatory requests (mandatory by law) or to voluntary certification regulations (e.g. EMAS regulation, ISO 9001, ...).
VOTES: For the ability to focus on real issues and projects, overcoming internal conflicts in a constructive way. You can also facilitate integration and enhance good practices to promote the growth of skills and experiences starting with young people.
Join AREGAI and use the tools and methodologies offered by the LICET® model.
We supporting you in offer transparent information and guiding you in making informed choices. We help you meeting responsible producers and administrators.
CERTAINTY: When you know someone who uses the LICET®, you perceive a transpired way of communicating their work, while respecting and meeting your needs. Your objective feedback becomes essential elements for their improvement.
SATISFACTION: The AREGAI CTS has created LICET® to evaluate under different points of view, the proactivity and validity of the choices and actions needs to reach the satisfaction of citizens needs for sustainable well-being.
TRANSPARENCY: With LICET® companies and public administrations communicate their sustainable actions clearly and transparently, thanks to the LABEL. You can keep track of a company’s improvement path, by analysing the different LABELS. By displaying their commitment for improvement, you can be active supporter to their decisions, by offering your feedback with LICET. Use the LICET® language and find out how you can make your contribution to participate in sustainable development.
Join AREGAI and use the tools and methodologies of the LICET® model We support professionals in their growth path; skills improvement while facilitating the creation of networks between people and businesses to promote sustainable well-being for all subjects in the area.
VALUE: With LICET® you can depend on people and companies noticeable for sharing the same values ​​of sustainability and are therefore prepared to appreciate your contribution.
SKILLS: With LICET® you can expand your skills according to the values ​​of sustainability and you can learn and share knowledge and experiences with other professionals that can support you.
RESULTS: With LICET® you can measure your achievements and compare results with others; in this way professionals can be recognised for their true value and ability to promote sustainable actions.

How to get the LICET BRAND?

Write to, we will give you all the information to obtain the Brand and we will offer the tools and methods you can use to:

  • practise a LICET® culture
  • define the vision and your strategic planning
  • tell your value using the SMART LABEL
  • plan your improvement by activating a collective and participatory effort
  • generate measurable benefits in terms of fair and sustainable well-being
  • increase your credibility, also through third party certifications

A common language to know how you position yourself in relation to a market attentive to sustainability


Your ability to generate well-being for yourself and the territory, according to 5 values and 38 criteria

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In a transparent way with SMART LABEL, activating new forms of mutually enriching collaboration


With participatory sustainable development projects and programs, made unique by our brand

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Unlike other labeling system or performance reports, SMART LABEL LICET® tells with word and graphics, the actions implemented and what makes you different, to facilitate the meeting between demand and offer, in synergistic collaboration.

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