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Who we are 

Founded in 2007, Aregai is a cultural not for profit association aiming at creating sustainable wealth and wellbeing on territories. Our members are people, professionals, public and private organizations and managers willing to differentiate themselves and strengthen their reputation using sustainability at their and community advantage and demonstrating it with concrete facts. For our members and us, relationships based on trust and reliability are effective tools to grow together and create together new sustainable wellbeing.

Actual ERASMUS PLUS projects


The EYP programme provide a process used by youth workers, social workers, teachers to support young uemployed people – NEETs specifically – in their personal development path, while activating the local community in being a real and concrete support to the process. In this way, not only the disadvantag

ed youth can get in touch with society and being empowered from it, but the whole community can be better organize as they increase their communication exchange.


SGAG (Skill Generator Assessment Game) is an educational project carried out by the international partnership of six organisations. The aim of the project is to support the process of building soft skills among the students of vocational schools, which would increase their chances to find employment upon graduation. In order to attain this goal, the e-learning course will be developed and accompanied by the educational online game that will allow to develop their time management, communication, team work or problem solving skills.

What we do 

Aregai helps its members in planing and co-creating sustainable products and services, using the tools the association make available, the LICET® model, to name one. Valuing members’ quality, abilities, identities and talents in a more responsible market, with LICET® is possible.

Local development

We started working on integrated local development projects involving 25 municipalities in an area called Monferrato (around the Alessandria Province, Piedmont region). This experience allowed us to elaborate and standardize collaborative and local development methodologies based on active local stakeholder engagement.


We define LICET® as a sustainable and participated development system to support our mission to create sustainable wealth and well-being on the territory. The model presents practical and easy to use tools to plan and manage common activities and projects. The model when applied by local communities, organizations, citizens and public and private actors offers the opportunity to build sustainable development plans, assigning each member a specific function and role to accomplish with the common goals, respecting economic, social and environmental parameters. The whole process is based on participation and collaboration, to respond to collective needs and most of all recognizing and valorising each member efforts.

LICET® is based on a four-step quality model (PDCA – Plan, Do, Check, Act) but re-elaborated them in a more cooperative way:

  • Share sustainability values and culture – To satisfy the need for a quality life for people and territory
  • Measure behaviours – to value commitment for improvement and sustainable attitude
  • Communicate – With a clear and easy way to organize topics and tasks, so they are eaiser to be assigned, discussed and measured
  • Grow sharing resources, knowledge and experiences – To obtain together wide sustainable development practices

Using LICET® can help to improve your approach:

  • Enter in relation with people working in different areas and sectors speaking a common language and sharing the same growth and sustainable development objectives
  • Differentiate themselves from competitors valuing value identities and talents within an organization, avoiding lowering prices to be selected by costumers
  • Establish a clear communication channel with costumers and support mutual trust
  • Generate profits and returns for all, creating a collaborative growth program that allows participation and collaboration of all actors involved.

LICET® requires a balancing of the trade-offs of the various determinants of well-being, grouped together in 5 LICET® values. The initials of these values form the Latin word “licet”, meaning “it is possible!”

  • LINK WITH HISTORY AND TERRITORY, ability to appreciate the history and culture and to be proactive in economic and social development of the local community.
  • INNOVATION AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, ability to develop in a sustainable way with passion, skill and creativity.
  • COMPETITIVENESS AND FAIRNESS, ability to manage resources effectively and efficiently, correctly and determined to achieve shared goals
  • ECO-SUSTAINABILITY: balanced management of environmental aspects, by reducing the negative impacts and increase opportunities for development.
  • TUTELAGE: capacity to produce in an ethical, safe, healthy way and ability to respond to the needs of people.

With LICET®, companies have a clear measurement and communication system that allows them to understand their own performance, improve their perception and use it to promote themselves.The measurement criteria are the results of ten years of applied research. These criteria translate the complexity of sustainability scientific criteria in real-life situations that can be understood and applied by everyone.

With LICET you can get active!

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The LICET® system includes also a participatory evaluation system that offers higher reliability and allows you to gain feedback useful for reaching durable and sustainable improvement.
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    Become an AREGAI member means entering inside a partecipative evaluatory system where eveyone has a specific role, with his own rights, duties and responsibilities.

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    • Access to the LICET® questionary to learn how to “KNOW EACH OTHEER WITH A COMMON LANGUAGE”
    • Access to the partecipative evaluatory system database of all the LICET partners
    • Free pass to every event hosted by Aregai

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    • Free pass to every event organized by AREGAI or by his partners, with the chance to talk about everyone’s projects.
    • Newsletter with the chance to share promotional informations, in order to find new partners/promoters, etc.
    • A page dedicated to the project, inside which stands the LICET®Trademark.
    • Periodic chkecout, to keep track of every useful feedback.
    • Annual and triennial monitorings, done by the control’s commission.

    LICET Model section

    € 450/year


    • Access to the LICET® questionary to learn how to “KNOW EACH OTHEER WITH A COMMON LANGUAGE”
    • Access to the partecipative evaluatory system database of all the LICET partners
    • Free pass to every event hosted by Aregai
    • SMART LABEL LICET’S elaboration and publishment on the Aregai site
    • Support for development and actuation of the LICET develompment plan
    • Brand Aanalysis and Online promotion
    • Periodic newsletter with all the latest news
    • Annual market relation, with feedback’s monitoring