Financial literacy and new business models to boost women entrepreneurship possibilities

The FIT program offers a quality learning experience to women willing to start a business or in need to gain new competitive advantage.


In short, the main innovative elements included in the program are

CIRCULAR ECONOMY is essential to offers an amazing opportunity to introduce new ethical norms in business and fine-tune the balance between profit and social responsibility.

SUSTAINABLE FINANCE – the use of innovative and more traditional financial tools is essential to keep business afloat, especially in these uncertain times. Woman entrepreneurs need to take informed financial decisions, understanding their accounting situations to take strategic decision-making.

FINANCE LITERACY for a more significant stake in political and social movements, as well as being able to support financially solid, sustainable organizations.

XXI CENTURY SKILLS FOR SMART ENTREPRENEURS – business leaders need guiding for positive change and with purpose, they need to know how to make ethical choices, while solving societal problems, with a strong focus on sustainability and inclusion.

NEW BUSINESS MODELS can be used as drivers for offering new opportunities and innovation while supporting woman entrepreneurs in capturing new markets, enhancing organizational effectiveness while transforming organizational processes.

The whole program is built on a paradigm shift that moves away from the usual PDCA planning approach and move to a more collaborative (and hopefully) sustainable way of thinking.

CASE STUDIES and SUCCESSFUL STRATEGIES used to motivate and inspire woman entrepreneurs to adopt new business models and the approach provided by the circular economy. Specific case studies will be prepared by partners, participants, mentors along the project’s development. Some of the sector we are going to target are HORECA, tourism, ICT, services industry, Social Business, Fashion … and of course any other sector as for the specialization of the experts and trainers. The aim is adding practical elements with up-to-date strategies and examples from real cases.

The program is based the chain SHARE-MEASURE-COMMUNICATE-GROW approach, that employs a more collaborative way of deciding on what should be done. For this reason, the program takes care of the business plan only at the end of the process, and plan on creating it step by step, using both group work and individual talents, mutual support and shared decision-making, involving both mentors and stakeholders.

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