Project Title

AduLt Learners SOcial and life skills enhancement program for increased competitivity in 2020 labour market
Acronym AllSOskilled
Project number
Start 01/10/2018 (24 months) Finish 30/09/2020
Financed by
Foundation for the Development of the Education System (FRSE), POLAND
  • Inovaciju biuras, LT
  • Studieforbundet Bilda sydost, SW


Beyond hard skills and formal qualifications, employers are often concerned about the lack of transversal competences that current employees (or prospective new hires) needed to perform various tasks successfully. According to the 2107 World Economic forum Report, with regard to the overall scale of demand for various skills in 2020, 36% of all jobs across all industries are expected to require complex problem-solving, social skills —such as persuasion, emotional intelligence and teaching others— will be in higher demand across industries than narrow technical skills.

The present project aims at offering an all in one social/transversal skills improvement program that incorporate best practices available for use by individuals, other organizations, enterprises and local, regional, national and European authorities, while raising the awareness on the need for these skills. The project is expected to have different core elements for future cooperation considered a priority of all the participating organizations and the European Union.

A better awareness on the importance of lifelong learning possibilities will increase their motivation for improvement and enhancing their employability skills in the process.

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The consortium is made up of 5 European partners from different backgrounds, all involved in training and development. The consortium undertakes to:

  • Increase partners preparation and readiness to work with the target group
  • Enlarge partners training courses’ offer by developing and testing the ALLsoSKILLED program
  • Increase trainers, business consultants and partners professional preparation when dealing with this specific target group
  • Improve the skills level and motivation for individuals with more than 35yoa, in order to increase their relevance for the labour Market

The adults involved will develop better basic skills and better digital skills, refine their soft skills and benefit from personalized learning support.


Main objective of the partnership is therefore to offer:

  • ALLsoSKILLED/eCourse – An all in one learning program aimed at increasing complex problem-solving, persuasion, emotional intelligence and teaching others, cognitive flexibility, negotiation, judgement and decision-making, critical thinking, media literacy, cross cultural competences, social intelligence, … offering real life scenarios as a background to allow participants in understanding the appropriate display of those abilities. The contents are online, but are used as a base for class based activities or handed out in printed form, or delivered thought digital devices (tablets or computers)
  • ALLsoSKILLED ASSESSMENT tool KIT/ e-manual containing the instructions on how to conduct the assessment on the participants, how to validate the results of the learning process. The e-manual presents checklists, questionnaires and other templates to conduct the measurement and reporting. It includes the inventory of the skills included in the course and a baseline presenting the different level of mastery to offer professionals a way to measure the different skills, competences, attitudes and behaviours that citizens/workers should display to be more competitive on the labour market.
  • ALLsoSKILLED Trainers COURSE/digital contents on how to use the materials. It offers educators and professionals working with adult learners, the competences and tools to empower low skilled adults and motivate them to progress toward higher level of learning. The manual illustrate the whole ALLsoSKILLED program and add tips and comments by the educators that piloted it, to offer an individualized support to facilitating adults’ transition toward better training specifically or jobs if they feel motivated to get a better professional position.

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