Project Title

Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility in Central Europe
Acronym CSR-CE
Project number
Start 01/09/2018 Finish 31/08/2020
Financed by
French National Agency for Erasmus projects
  • Mednarodni center za prenos znanja doo – slovenia
  • Mednarodna podiplomska sola jozefa stefana – slovenia
  • Associazione aregai – italy
  • Prospektiker instituto europeo de prospectiva y estrategia sa – spain
  • nstitut za drustveno odgovorno poslovanje – croatia
  • Szkola glowna handlowa w warszawie – Poland
Website http://csr-ce.eu/


The main scope of the project is to widen CEE companies and managers knowledge on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and sustainability concepts. Corporate Social Responsibility concerns the ethical implications within the strategic vision of enterprise. The European Commission believes that CSR is important for sustainability, competitiveness, and innovation of EU enterprises and the overall EU economy.
It brings benefits in terms of risk management, cost saving, access to capital, customer relationship, and human resource management. The project aims to raise the awareness of companies about their own needs and possibility for improvement, with a focus on improving managerial skills such as efficient resource management, ethical choices, EU2020 polices, responsible labour practices, sustainable approach to business.


The consortium is composed of 7 partners from 6 different countries coming from different backgrounds (universities, training companies and associations) all involved in management, sustainability, skills improvement and training. The consortium will:

  • Simplify the way CSR is presented, to make them more accessible to wider audiences
  • Improve the ability of the partners staff and key stakeholders to engage and raise managers, entrepreneurs, journalists the interest on CSR
  • Increase partners perception over CSR situation in the CEE countries, by collecting data on partners countries situations and participants needs
  • Increase the possibility for usability, relevance, possibility for sustainability and diffusion of the results by assessing them with experts and target groups

With the planned activities, the partners are also going to extend CSR audience within the business and industry sectors, such as managers, firm representatives, CSR managers, business consultants, journalists, key public officials, entrepreneurs to help them increase their capacity to manage risk, improve the efficiency and efficacy in the management of their resources, both material, immaterial and human.


Main objective of the partnership is therefore to offer:

  • A guide and a curriculum/training structure for trainers to make sure the professionals performing the sessions are informed and possess the same knowledge on CSR
  • A curriculum and a training structure for a course aimed at CONSULTANTS to increase their skills and competence on CSR practices, most suitable solutions for CE companies
  • A digital handbook with the contents and materials to run the local thematic workshops used to guide the partners in having a structured dialogue among relevant local stakeholders and academics, to collect and share data at local level usable for further researches or to support policies development
  • Method to engage all interested parts in implementing CSR, by offering tips and suggestions on the topics and communication messages and strategy to use based on the main targets in the project (companies, manages, consultants, key stakeholders in CSR topics). The toolkit focuses on low-budget scenarios and aims to make it for multiplier
  • A final cross-reference report on the needs in terms of managerial and organization competences and skills to run responsible and sustainable business practice and implement CSR polices, based on the discoveries of the local thematic workshops.

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