Project title Enabling sustainable growth and transformation of SMEs with a focus on work-based learning
Acronym GT4SME
Project number 2019-1-de02-ka202-006297
Start 01/11/2019 Finish
Financed by German erasmus national agency
Coordinator Global impact grid gbr – boris bulatovic, Ela kurtcu bulatovic, thorsten bruder
  • Aregai terre di benessere associazione culturale
  • Institut za drustveno odgovorno poslovanje
  • GTE karbon surdurulebilir enerji egitim danismanlik ve ticaret as
  • Eurospring d.o.o.
  • N&p business consulting gmbh


Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of not only the European but also global economy. For a sustainable growth and transformation, SMEs should (further) learn be supported about the strategies, tools, mechanisms and methods on the following 4 topics:

  1. Incorporation of Positive Impact Values: incorporating a company mindset for positive impact entrepreneurship and pursuing competitive advantages presented in sustainable business areas.
  2. Internationalization: opening up their businesses to other countries than where they are originally based. It can be in the form of offering their products/services to, collaborating with organizations from, employing workforce based in other countries.
  3. Digital Transformation: transforming towards a digital business or using it as its core advantage in building a new product/service.
  4. Financial Access: reaching out and attracting various types of (international) funds and investment opportunities on national and international levels.


The project’s objectives are to

  • Increase knowledge, experiences and skills of the project’s partners in those 4 topic areas through discussions and exchange of best practices,
  • Increase experiences and capabilities of project partners in engaging cross-border & inter-institutional partnerships and transnational projects,
  • Support SME-educators and enhance their capabilities in those 4 topic areas with project’s deliverables (i.e. workshop methodology and digital toolkit),
  • Enhance the capabilities of wider stakeholder groups (that include entrepreneurs, SME-employees, policy-makers, investors, and alike) in long term,
  • Pave the way towards creation of specific professions / positions in SMEs dealing with those topics


By taking part in a transnational project consortium, partner organization will extend their experiences with such projects. The project will have a positive impact on their international visibility and credibility, as well as on their capacities to build cross-border partnerships, develop and participate in similar transnational projects. It will also have positive impact on their personnel, who will be carrying out organization’s tasks and duties for this project in terms of increased transnational project management skills, cross-cultural team work and communication skills, virtual work and communication abilities.

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