Growing and generating wellbeing in a proactive professional way, for ourselves and for the territories.


AREGAI – Terre di Benessere (lands of wellbeing) originates in 2007, thanks to a bunch of mayors, entrepreneurs, professionals and civilians, who wanted to elevate the capacity of each to work together and contributeto the creation of an innovative model for disseminating wellbeing in their territories..

Aregai being an association, with several diverse professionalisms, has adopted a common language, to facilitate participation and sharing. The language is the LICET MODEL®.

During many years, Aregai has conducted researches and cooperated on local and international projects, using the LICET model, in order to give value to each professional contribution.

  • See the projects clicking here  or you can write at segreteria@aregai.it for more infos or for sharing your own idea;
  • Follow thepath of modular growth to create projects/services/products: Linked to the territory, Innovative, Competitive, Ecological, Tutelar of people’s needs, , from safety to health. You can communicate by SMART LABEL or by LICET® COLLECTIVE TRADEMARK since 2009. 

Discover the path reserved to associates

Aregai Sostenibilità

While economists are investigating the BES INDICATOR (Equal-sustainable wellbeing), as the next step to GOP indicator, we wonder:


Associates can undertake a modular path, composed of 3 step called  Model of Sustainable DevelopmentLICET®:

  1. Share a common language to work in group, with a holistic approach, based on integrated sustainability (ordinary member);
  2. Give value to your identity with theSMART LABEL(member to the ‘Model Section’), in order to disseminate sustainable actions
  3.  Adopt the sustainable management system of LICET TRADEMARK(member to the ‘Trademark Section’) in order to pursue Equal-Sustainable Wellbeing (BES).

mondo sostenibilità

We were born in the Monferrato region and work with the whole world!

Since 2007, AREGAI has developed astrong connection with Piedmont, by promoting national and international projects. Thanks to these experiences the AREGAI Scientific Committee has created theLICET® /one_half_last]



AREGAI starts its activity

taking care of sustainable projects in the Monferrato area and dealing with 25 municipalities;


PFirst project.

AREGAI develops the first integrated project for local tourism;


LICET is born.

The collaborative trademark LICET® is registered. Companies, municipalities and civilians are involved to create the first integrated local net, aiming to promote environment management and business safety.


First prize

during the presentation of SOFTAGRI project, AREGAI model is awarded as the best sustainable one by American, Chinese and European organizations, at the event ‘CITTA’ CHE MANGIA’


LICET works:

AREGAI demonstrates that LICET® leads to certification: The Cardinal Massaia Hospital kitchens, in Asti, demonstrates their management model to be highly sustainable, in compliance with the 5 LICET® criteria. The hospital is awarded with the ‘Ristorability Certifcation’ ™ by ICIM certification body;


UNESCO patronage:

AREGAI is awarded the patronage in honor of its work during the sustainability weeks and for its experimentation with enterprises, municipalities, public events. Results are published on ‘La Riscossa Competitiva delle PMI del Territorio’ (the Competitive Vengeance of Local Small & Medium-sized Business), by the economist Paolo Ricotti, PLEF Foundation, edited by Franco Angeli;



LICET is applied on international projects, such as the Mediterranean Sustainable Tourism Project (ONMEST2). The model is also described during the communication training course on the 50th UNESCO Site, dedicated to local journalists, and during training for managers on Sustainable Change.


The story continues:

become a member and share our strategic program to enhance sustainable wellbeing for yourself and your territory.



Giorgio Borgiattino


Sociology and Sustainable Safety

Enza Laretto

President TSC

Sustainable Development Expert

Barbara Giordano


Nutritionist & Sustainable Food Expert

Giovanna Ceccherini


Sustainable Tourism Expert”

Valeria Elia


International Projects Expert”

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Work with us

Do you have a place at heart where to realize a sustainable project, in order to improve the perception of wellbeing? to improve the perception of wellbeing?

Follow our training course, in order to became:

  • Networker: project coordinator and relationship facilitator with LICET® criteria
  • Coach: Specialized expert in your competences, but with a holistic vision at 360°

Training courses are available to professional members to the ‘Model Section’

By subscribing your membership to AREGAI, you will get the extra value of networking, but you will stand out for:

Being able to project and coordinate sustainable programs with LICET®;

Integrating sustainability into business strategies in a fast way;

Measuring results with integrated indicators related to the SDG and to the BES (Equal-sustainable wellbeing), to strengthen credibility in your and our efforts.

Collaborations and Patronages


we are twinned with PLEF on planomy (neologism, meaning reality, dreams and ambitions of sustainability) and applying it to concrete projects;


we use LICET as a common language to communicate to the European Muslims League and create wellness in their territories;


Our activities obtained the UNESCO patronage during the decade dedicated to Sustainable Education Programs;

ASSOCIAZIONE PAESAGGI VITIVINICOLI LANGHE, ROERO E MONFERRATO (Winegrowing Landscapes of Langhe, Monferrato and Roero)

thanks to their patronage, we coordinate the Laboratorio Monferrato (Monferrato Laboratory), for those who want to improve life quality in Monferrato, starting with catering services;


we cooperate on international projects;


we cooperate on youth empowerment projects.


The advantages mentioned in this website are reserved to associates.

We are implementing partnerships.
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QHere you find the list of partnerships by AREGAI. Partnerships are led by the same mission and vision. in order to create benefits both for business and for territories.

Very convenient offers and opportunities in the pipeline.

By presenting the AREGAI Association Card you can save money, if you need our partnership’s expertise. Also, your subscription fee is refunded!

You can write to segreteria@aregai.it to get your own LICET SMART LABEL and stipulate a specific convention.


We have a specific convention with this consultancy and advisoring company to lead AREGAI members, working in the travel industry, to stand out for a typical Mediterranean hospitality, thanks to our identitarian language.


We have a specific convention with this analysis laboratory, in order to offer a complete service of chemical analysis, environmental and safety control.


AREGAI offers a training course to help people and business to better identify their individuality and uniqueness. At the same time, they are led to create their own improvement program.

Our training course is based on a 10-year research about sustainability control and measure.

Employable Young People


  • we have been partners to the international projectDESS (UNO Decade for Education to Sustainable Development), promoted by UNO, in order to understand how to involve people to follow a sustainable lifestyle and apply the knowledge to BEZZO Prize.
  • We have promoted scientific researches with Turin University (Economics and Management Dpt.and Cultures, Politics and Society Dpt) in order to improve communication skills in sustainability.

We share knowledge with our partners and members, to offer new operational strategies in sustainable growth.